[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

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PostSubject: Org Roles ( READ THESE BEFORE PLAYING TOO)   Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:46 pm

As all of you may have guessed all the Orgs have specific role they play on our roles they play on the server. An example of this is how if you want to buy drugs you Have to go to the Cartel you cannot just have drugs. So here are the roles of each org " This is to increase role-play with all orgs"

Mafia: Perform hits on payed targets, Protect businesses, And sell illegal drugs "Bought from the Cartel"

Cartel: Sell drugs to any player interested

LSPD: Protect and serve the public "investigate but don't metagame a crime scene"

LS Transport: To drive players to a specific location "Helpful for players without cars or with if you want to roleplay"

LS Outlaws: to Rob, Mug, and terrorize players "Roleplay Though, Don't Dm"

Government: Run for Mayor, Read speech's "Tell Admins what the players want so we can add it"

F.B.I: Investigate Very Dangerous Situations,Protect and serve "Special Operations"

RS Haul: Deliver Packages to players and Orgs "Delivers Cartels drugs from the docks and any other shipment payed for players"

RaceTech: Start street race events and other Illigal Forms of entertainment. "LSPD investigate/chase but don't metagame"

Eastboard Farms: to grow crops (This could be the cartels weed if they have an alliance) "Use Rs Haul to transport anything grown"

Hitmen: To perform hits on who ever there contract details. " Take screen shots to ensure its not just a random DM"

Follow these if you are in any organization or Roleplayer

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