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[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

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 Begin Playing Sa-Mp 0.3c

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PostSubject: Begin Playing Sa-Mp 0.3c   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:51 am

This Is A How-To Guide From Lich.

How To Begin Playin Sa-Mp 0.3c On VnR Clan Roleplay
Samp 0.3c Tutorial + Needed Files

Either Read This Text Or The Instructions.txt File In The File,:

This is the SAMP Starter Pack
All rights for these programs go to their respective authors.
First you need to have installed your version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Whether this is from a CD or it’s an illegal version, it must be installed before continuing.
Run the gtasapatch.exe file included in this pack.
Just click next on all of the screens.
Then click patch and on the final screen click finish.
Simple right?
Lets move on then.
Then run the sa-mp-0.3c-install.exe file also included with this pack.
On the first screen click ‘I Agree’
On the next screen click ‘Install’
Allow the program to install and when it reaches the end click ‘Finish’
That was easy too right?

Final Preparations
Run the program ‘San Andreas Multiplayer’ which you just installed.

You will see a screen similar to that above. Only difference being that you wont see any servers listed there and the box highlighted with a box will be empty.
In the box highlighted you put YOUR name to play in a server
This is what other players shall see you as.

To add a server to the favourites tab, click the button highlighted by a RED box.
It will then bring up the small window titled ‘Add Server’.
In the box highlighted by a GREEN rectangle you paste the IP of the server you want to favourite.
You must include the port of the server too.
In the above example, the red numbers show the IP, and the green show the port.
Once you’ve added the IP, and put your name into the name box you will need to connect.

To connect you can do either of two options.
You can right click the server you want to join and select ‘Connect’
Or you can click the green button highlighted on the toolbar.
This will start SAMP and allow you to begin playing GTA SA online against people around the world.

[VnR] RolePlay

Enjoy playing
Server Administrator, Lich.

Samp 0.3c Tutorial + Needed Files
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Begin Playing Sa-Mp 0.3c
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