[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

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 RaceTech: Information

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PostSubject: RaceTech: Information   Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:47 am

Once a car enthusiast club situated in the low-income area of Los Santos they had all they could ever want, some good friends, great cars and even better races. Soon enough the track started to get boring for some of the higher ranking members of the club, they took to the streets to get their thrills, a few races here and there what could go wrong? The LSPD hit them hard. It reduced the group to ruins the lower ranking members didn’t have enough money for lawyers and were quickly snatched away on whatever the police department could pin them on. The founders of the group had to rethink everything that had just happened, and how they were going to recover. After many months of consideration, a plan was born: High Value Delivery or HVD for short. A service were the professional drivers would run goods from point A to point B with no questions asked as quickly and efficiently as possible. The money ran like a river from there on out, however the group remains very secretive, almost as if they were ghost-like. Many attempts to bring down the curtain seem to fall apart at the last moment. RaceTech, a seeming harmless company of car modders, tuners and racers used to hide a much bigger organization.
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RaceTech: Information
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