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 EasterBoard Farms

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PostSubject: EasterBoard Farms   Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:01 am

EasterBoard Farms
Easterboard Farms was founded by a pair of Dutch immigrants in the early 1900’s in their attempt to escape the turmoil brewing in Europe, It started out as a small operation selling their produce alongside the roads and highways of the area. For quite a while they were like any other farm in the country, in place so that they can provide for themselves and the families around them not much more was expected of the farms of that era. Slowly as time went by things began to change, With the Great Depression coming to an end and the second world war growing in possibility, The brothers took a chance and became the sponsor of the military forces leaving San Andreas to go and fight overseas. This required a large boost in productivity but the gamble paid off and the company became well known across the nation as a reputable business and source for goods that anyone could afford.
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EasterBoard Farms
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