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 Install TXD,DFF Mod Files

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PostSubject: Install TXD,DFF Mod Files   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:58 am

*By using this guide, I am assuming that you already have the MOD that you have chosen to install*
*This guide applies in .dff and .txd MODs only, and NOT sound mods, etc*
*ALWAYS remember to MOD at your own risk, if not sure about a certain MOD, ask!*


Open up your GTA SA IMG Tool. I use Spark IMG Tool because in my opinion, it is the easiest to use

Click "Open" and find your GTA directory. Once you've found your GTA Directory, find the folder called "models" and find the file that's called "gta3.img".

When You Open The File You Should See Something Like Exh_(blah blah blah)

Now open up the folder where you saved the MOD that you have downloaded and look at its file name. Usually there will be at least one .txd file and one .dff file.
It is recommended to ALWAYS have a back up copy whenever you are installing a MOD (Copy And Paste the gta3.img to a different position)

Whether you made a back up or not, the next step is to drag (or copy and paste) the .txd and .dff files of the MOD you are trying to install. Just simply drag and drop it into Spark. And click Save, by either clicking File, then Save. Or just simply pressing the Save button at the top part of the window.

Once all this is done, go ingame and check if your MOD was succesfully installed.

Skin Mods,

Sometimes, you can use MODs designed for other skins/textures on other skins/textures.
This rarely applies on vehicles, but 99% of the time, it works on normal ped skins.

Follow the exact same steps as installing a MOD normally.
The only difference is that, before you drag and drop the .txd and/or .dff file onto Spark program, you have to rename the file first to an appropriate file name.

Check online for specific file names for certain skins

GTA SA Skin List and Filenames - Skin List With Filenames
Spark IMG Editor download - Spark Image Editor


Remember! MOD-ing is pretty much like programming, and in IT, sometimes things don't work out the way they are.
So, enjoy MOD-ing, and if things don't work out, don't get frustrated.
If you need help, just post a question and someone will answer it for you..Skin List With Filenames
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Install TXD,DFF Mod Files
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