[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

[VnR] Clan Roleplay/Freeroam

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 Server Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Server Rules and Regulations   Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:15 pm

These rules are very easy too follow so make sure you do and we won't take a shit on your chest Very Happy

(1.) No Hacking = Perm Ban
(2.) Roleplay if you want, but respect the Freeroamers aswell,
(3.) Do Not Death Match = Kick, Ban 3 days, Ban 10 days,
(4.) Respect Admins = Ban 10 days, Perm Ban
(5.) If you Die stay away from the scene for 5 minutes
(6.) Do Not Revenge Kill = Kick, Ban 10 days
(7.) Don't Start a Flame War
(8.) Do Not Driver Side Drive By or DSDB Ever = Kick, Ban 10 days, Perm Ban "We Are Not Kidding"
(9.) Help Noobs in need
(10.) Have Proof If you Acuse " Take Screen Shots"
(11.) Have Fun
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Server Rules and Regulations
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